Heather Abbott
Candidate for Maine State House District 47
Chebeague Island, Long Island, Yarmouth
“We're in this together.”

About Heather


Heather is a community volunteer and mother of three young children. She and her husband, Todd, have lived in Yarmouth since 2013 when they decided to raise their family here in Todd’s hometown. Heather is the chairperson of Yarmouth’s Committee for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability and the Digital Coordinator for Yarmouth’s K-8 PTO. She has also volunteered for several local and statewide campaigns.

Before starting a family, Heather enjoyed numerous diverse experience including living abroad; receiving her black belt in Shotokan Karate; working as a massage therapist; scooping ice cream & waiting tables to support herself during her college years; getting a medical assisting degree; commuting to work via bicycle; and purchasing and renovating an old Maine house for her growing family.

Heather enjoys spending time in the outdoors with her family, sending fun postcards to family and friends, and magnet fishing. She especially enjoys planning and facilitating community events, especially those that promote environmental awareness and support for often-marginalized populations of Mainers.

Friends describe Heather as “thoughtful, visionary and innovative”, a “super mother”, a community member who “cares and gets involved”, and a “fighter for justice and equality for all.” Heather looks forward to using these strengths, as well as her persistent voice for her community, to serve her neighbors fellow Mainers in Augusta.

Top Issues

Environment & Energy

The climate crisis is one of the most urgent issues facing not only our state, but humanity worldwide. We must take action to protect our planet now and for the generations to come by investing in and incentivizing alternative energy consumption. We must be responsible stewards of the environment, our communities, and our planet. All people, including those in future generations, have the right to clean air, clean water, and a healthy natural environment.

Economic Opportunity and Security

Our society must tax fairly, spend wisely, and allow all people to have access to the ladder of opportunity. Our society must work for all people, not just the wealthy. We have a responsibility to counter the trend of economic inequality through effective regulation, progressive taxation, and responsible spending. Supporting economic development, including infrastructure investment and environmentally friendly industries, is vital to continued growth and quality of life.


Access to affordable, quality health care is a fundamental human right. Every Mainer deserves access to health care providers they trust. Every Mainer deserves to visit the doctor without the fear of how they will pay their medical bills.


Creating a strong and productive workforce and thriving economy starts with investing in education. As the mother of three young children and the spouse of an educator, I know the importance of investing in education. A high quality public education system that spans from early childhood through college and workforce training is essential to protecting the future of our children, our democracy, and our economic stability. No Maine child or student should be deterred from pursuing higher education or technical training because of the fear and burden of student loan debt.


A strong middle class is the backbone of our economy. In order to build our middle class, it's essential that we develop good jobs with safe working conditions. Jobs with fair and livable wages, jobs with healthcare and retirement benefits, and jobs that are free from harassment and discrimination. Maine workers deserve to be safe and protected at work. All workers deserve wages that will allow them to provide for themselves and their families.

Civil and Human Rights

Our Constitution protects free speech, free exercise of religion, separation of church and state, and freedom from all forms of discrimination. Freedom, justice, and peace in the world are founded on the inherent dignity, equality, and inalienable rights of all human beings. All Mainers deserve these protections.


Laura Coroi

"A woman who is not only a super mother of three children and a great wife but a member of our community who cares and gets involved. You can hear her voice everywhere- from organizing playgroups to legislation pertaining to vaccination, to LGBTQIA and immigrant community issues, lending her efforts in the quest for Clean Energy." - Laura Coroi

Zak Ringelstein

"Heather Abbott is the community member that Yarmouth deserves representing us in Augusta. She loves this town and will fight for the very best of our economic, environmental, and social values — putting both Yarmouth and Maine on the cutting edge of policy and innovation." - Zak Ringelstein

Abdi Iftin

“ I have known Heather Abbott for four years and have come to know her as a fighter for justice and equality for all. As an Immigrant, a new Mainer, a Yarmouth resident and a former refugee, I can happily attest to the fact that she is the one that can be counted on who will fight for us. I am confident in Heather’s leadership and representation of House District 47.” - Abdi Iftin

Carla Hunt

"Heather Abbot is the community member that Yarmouth deserves as our State Representative in Augusta. She has been preparing for this moment and will work for our economic, environmental and social values with a thoughtful, visionary and innovative approach." - Carla Hunt

Heather's virtual door is always open.

Please reach out with your thoughts and concerns.

Heather's virtual door is always open.



Press Release

Heather Abbott has announced her candidacy for the Maine House of Representatives District 47 seat being vacated by Representative Janice Cooper. House District 47 represents Chebeague Island, Long Island, and Yarmouth.

“It is my hope to bring my passion for public service to the State House and to devote myself to ensuring that our communities continue to thrive.” Heather looks forward to the opportunity to fight for legislation that supports Mainers through the coronavirus crisis, protects the environment, invests in education, promotes equality, expands access to healthcare, and helps senior Mainers remain here in Maine.

Heather, of Yarmouth, is a community volunteer and mother of three. Recognizing the values and community that make Yarmouth a special place, she and her husband, Todd, a Yarmouth native, settled their family there in 2014. As Heather began to put down roots, she developed a passion for community building and decided to continue her public service as a state representative.

Heather is a founding member and chairperson of Yarmouth’s Committee for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. Through this work, she has been passionately dedicated to reducing local impact on climate change while working to return any savings generated from renewable energy innovation back to Yarmouth taxpayers.

Additionally, Heather volunteers as the Digital Coordinator for the Yarmouth PTO supporting the William H. Rowe School, Yarmouth Elementary School and Harrison Middle School. Her excellent communication skills are essential to the PTO’s ability to convey important information to all school families. Staying current with PTO fundraising and school activities provides Heather with valuable insight into Yarmouth’s unique town needs.

“Seeing growth in my community is something I take pride in. When there is a tricky situation, I work with others to find and enact a solution.

“Whether you vote early by absentee ballot or at the polls on July 14th, I hope I can count on you to cast your vote for me, Heather Abbott, for District 47 Representative.”

Gun Sense Candidate 2020


Heather Abbott is a Gun Sense Candidate. Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidates are candidates who are running for office in 2020 and have demonstrated that they will govern with gun safety in mind.

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